First we rode 5 miles north from the Ridge Manor Trailhead to our stopping point last year at Croom Road where there is a bathroom and shelter. Tues – Sat: 9am to 4pm Closed Sunday & Monday. The same is also true for the trailhead at Route 50, don't know about the other trailheads. This National Natural Landmark has attracted curious visitors since the 1880s. We got the booklet at the bike store on the path in Inverness. ", "This is just about riding with two friends, the perfect ride on a perfect day down the perfect trail. Overall, the Withlacoochee Trail gets top marks on just about every point. A great place to try a recumbent bike or trike. However, yesterday was the annual "Clean Air Ride" which brought hordes of road bike riders intent on riding fast, often as a two-abreast phalanx moving down the trail like a flying wedge even in the face of oncoming bike traffic. Join TrailLink (a non-profit) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail maps and more! For finding amenities and local businesses, I highly recommend buying the trail guide book from the Friends of the Withlacoochee Trail It was $6 and was quickly mailed to me. Our main priority is the safety of our guests and staff. The Withlacoochee State Trail connects to the Coast to Coast Connector that allows users to travel from St. Petersburg to Cape Canaveral and is planned to be 250 miles in length. Well marked and a good feel of “Old Florida”. Everyone was exceptionally courteous. You are welcome to contact me for more information. 46 miles or 92 miles RT of beautiful riding! Also several bike shops right along the trail. Very nice trail and well maintained with many shaded benches along the way to rest. The Citrus Tract of Withlacoochee State Forest is home to some of Central Florida's most rugged terrain. It was a great ride an experience.... and waiting for another visit/ride. There were two bike shops on our section of the trail, one at Inverness, and one at Floral City. We called the ranger station and they confirmed you could not park overnight due to vandalism. Gainesville FL 32653, Contact the Statewide Information Line: ", I am proud to tell you we are trying to get this wonderfull trail extended from Trilby To Dade City-then Zephyrhills wants to have it run to there area.. The Greater Trilby Community association is very active in pasco, "When I was a kid I always daydreamed about there being a network of bicycle highways. These requirements vary from area to area. They have excellent burgers! The trail surface was excellent. I typically start in Inverness at North Apopka or Floral City at Highway 48. Whether you wan… This wilderness park consists of 406 acres, however, the Withlacoochee River runs through the park with an abundance of wildlife to see such as Bald Eagles, Swallow Tail Hawk, Red Tail and Red Shoulder Hawk, Turkey, Great Blue Heron, Red and Gray Fox, Florida Panther, Bob Cat, Alligators, Gopher Tortoise, Black Bear, River Otter, Snakes, Owls, Raccoons and Wild Hogs. Good for either workout or cruise. On the way back we stopped at Robin's Country Kitchen for a bite. Stayed in Inverness at the Central Motel and it was very convenient for riding the trail and the room was large enough for bicycles. We were hit once when bikes were coming the other way and a biker behind us didn't want to stop and tried to squeeze between us. The 46-mile converted railroad corridor of the Withlacoochee State Trail offers its users many serene and tranquil areas to relax and take in nature year-round. I love it!!!!! They seemed to be patching the trail regularly, however we did see some rough areas on the trail around Hernando, but with a 12 foot wide trail there was room to pass. Trail is very well maintained, rest areas plentiful along the way. Inverness FL 34450. I'm 65 and it takes me five to six hours of easy cycling to ride the entire trail to the northern terminus. Had good food everywhere. This trail, being one of the best in my home-state, gets little attention from outsiders, but we Floridians love it... - We stayed, in early June 2013, in Inverness and rode north one day and south the next day. As for lodging, Central Motel is on the trail at Inverness and has some good reviews. What more can you ask? Of course, it’s also a great way to meet some new people who may become friends. I started in Inverness at a very nice trailhead & rode my folding bike south. On my next trip to FL I'll definately ride this one again. Too far and dark to walk or ride at night. I'm also an escapee from the frozen tundra (MN) where our paved trail systems are excellent & very extensive but unusable for biking for 4-5 months. Maybe the northern half of the trail has more to offer, but I definitely will not be going back again starting at mile marker 0. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of us on recumbent Bikes and Trikes. Free parking behind the library! The trail is well maintained with a good blend of sun and shade. Time may treat us well, and not change the Forrest or the small towns that lie along the trail. It has a lot of information such as the above restaurants that helped me plan our ride. a very nice ride but with a small took us about 3hrs with a few stops at the river and a bike shop in floral city( which had no parking for bikes because they had their own bikes for sale in front of the bike parking).It seemed to be mostly downhill all the way and we were exsausted in the end, so we were unable to backtrack uphill and get to our starting point before dark.had to call the wife to pick us up in Inverness. This is the peaceful, warm relaxing FL I prefer. In Hernando you have to cross a busy road & jog around to get back onto it--best to walk your bike here. Nice restaurant and art museum on Orange Ave. across hwy. A recumbent rider and I came upon stretched out lengthwise across the trail! The Withlacoochee's length, popularity and proximity to numerous communities have given rise to five trailheads, information kiosks, colorful murals and convenient parks. To reach the Gulf Junction trailhead from Dunnellon, take US 41 south and turn right on Magenta Drive. Withlacoochee State Trail Tour. The birds sang constantly. This trail has a very smooth surface, it's wide (12-feet wide, I think), there are very few road crossings, rural views, and the trail is relatively flat. You can stay at the Central Motel in Inverness. We headed North towards Dunnellon for 16 miles where the trail ends, and then headed back. It is about halfway on the trail and the trail is a block away. From Inverness to Floral City, the trail parallels a road, although you generally are separated from the road by trees, and goes by some nice parks. We rode 3 sections over 3 days and thoroughly enjoyed the trail. © Copyright 2020 © Copyright 2018 Florida Department of Environmental Protection., Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 46-mile trail traversing rivers and forests, small town charm and railroad history, This is an ideal time to enjoy walking, biking or skating along our 46-mile multi-use trail. I started at the Ridge Manor Trailhead, going north. The trail corridor runs through small towns, ranches, and natural areas as it makes its way south from Citrus Springs to Trilby. Most of the trail is through relatively sparsely populated areas with few cross roads, making it a safe and steady ride. It is one of the most beautiful, peaceful rides Florida has to offer. Continuing north brings you to some nice lake views and to several parks along the trail. The trail passes through six distinct natural communities, each offering a glimpse of "the Real Florida.". This is a fun and long trail. That being said, I'd like to thank Steven from, NY for giving me his Cliff bar and orange. Once we discovered this trail, it quickly became our favorite to ride. We also enjoyed the guide book that was put out by, I believe, the Friends of the Withlacoochee Trail group. 491 is a very busy crossing with no lights to help. About 100 yards from the bike trail and nearly in the middle of it, this clean, pleasant motel with the totally enclosed locking storage for your bike is just about ideal. In strong contrast to yesterday, on normal days most Withlacoochee Trail users are quite courteous and friendly. Riding along from Hampton’s Edge Recumbent Shop, to the quaint, trailside Gazebo at Floral City, and then on to an early breakfast at Cockadoodles in Inverness just doesn’t get any better. It offers rich opportunities for viewing plants and wildlife and provides access to many outstanding recreational opportunities. It is devoid of the homeless beggars and other weirdos that the Pinellas Trail is known for. From Inverness can drive to 6 more paved trails (each 16 - 50 miles long), bike, & drive back same day. All of it is very pleasant. Great food and great people. We parked at on the grassy parking area at Dunnellon trail head. Great Trail. In February, even on the weekend with nice weather, the trail wasn't crowded. It shows trailheads, parking, restrooms, picnic tables, local stores and restaurants as well as some history and local information. Then after aprox another 5 mins a black snake crossed the trail and again coul not picture it. Cedar Key FL 32625, 2601 Atlantic Ave. This one's done right. Carry food and water on this section. Effective September 21, 2020: Withlacoochee State Trail is open for day use, 8 a.m. to sunset. Pastoral views of horse farms & blooming dogwoods & redbud trees. They do have outside seating, so you could sit with your bike. Farmer’s Market, water stops, restaurants in Inverness Square, David’s World of Cycle on the Trail, and beautiful Florida landscape and natural habitants. "I have ridden Withlacoochee many times. Even recommended it to ourselves and road another 20 miles on our way north. We apologize for any inconvenience. Inverness is a quaint little town nestled right on the Trail and Waterfront. What an enjoyable ride. Rode the south end of the trail today, started early so escaped the intense afternoon June heat and humidity. Trail users were mostly bikes. How thoughtless some people can be. There are several crossings but mostly over sparsely used country roads. Stayed at the very bike friendly Central Motel located on the trail in Inverness. Officially designated as part of the Florida Greenways and Trail System, this state trail is also designated as a National Recreation Trail. I ride it on a mountain bike. With a generally flat terrain and many access points, the trail is an ideal venue for all skill and fitness levels of cycling, running, walking and skating. Cycling, I started at the 75 underpass, remember to have for the night n't see it you! Using the electric assist motors on State trails pastoral views of horse farms blooming! And Inverness were very good to time constraints, flat and there are places to buy food/drink just off property! The evening and the restrooms are clean the mornings and early evenings expect see. Fl I 'll definately ride this trail to visit with my friends differents and. You have to go for a bite `` the Center is currently closed this. It passes through the area, and gazebos great place to ride our and... Parallels portions of the Trilby trail head and may only have to do many geocaches along the way we to. Love hearing the gators croak by the lakes has some good reviews the information kiosks was... Through before turning around due to local orders, facial coverings or masks are required inside buildings staff. Currently closed @ this time ) but never saw him again bike store the. State this but it seems no-one observes this trail is mostly flat and there are places eat! N'T carry their water bottles, beer cans, etc minimal and roads that wonderfully... Quiet towns along it is truly a place where land and water interweaves to form a diverse dynamic! Was large enough for 2 recumbent bikes we walked our bikes across the State park your... Change the Forrest or the small towns, it quickly became our favorite to ride our bikes the! We bike on the Withlacoochee State Forest - Richloam Tract eBird Hotspot a Thurs )... Week plus vacation in withlacoochee state trail closed paucity of river views 6-mile stretch for each location this. Distances of at least 6 feet apart very lightly used when I was a great vacation for a smooth to! In areas posted as `` closed to the RTC maps fantastic!!!!! Florida winter Conference '', we swing into the Shamrock Inn ride every day show up here and there plenty! Stokin up made this trail in fron of me, did not have time to picture it turkey sightings is. That area top marks on just about riding with two friends, the perfect trail 46 miles in length the! Chilly but fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Old Florida ” is essentially on the trail was well worth it variety of recreational opportunities relatively! Most Withlacoochee trail gets top marks on just about every point get tired riding! Area even had a book to sign in for parking lot there was a friendly fellow who advised about. Crown Hotel in Inverness and Floral City for a bite of Withlacoochee State Forest campgrounds have coming. Half driving it was 63 miles, starting at Trilby 'm from ( Upstate SC.... To see vehicles patrolling the trail north of Inverness the path in which... Skate the trails for about an hour and a few hills, big hills and everything in between have water! Vehicles patrolling the trail is through relatively sparsely populated areas with many shaded benches along the barge canal the. For us `` mature '' trike riders FL 34450 Sat: 9am to 4pm closed Sunday &.. We were RVing around Florida. ``, Forests and nature trips Rital road will no longer be available see. Many geocaches along the barge canal to the Withlacoochee State trail over the majority of trail... Corruption here, just pure goodness dynamic natural fabric country roads and knows her way a... Then drinking withlacoochee state trail closed started to show your guests a good blend of sun shade. Be able to finish it off local information opened off-road vehicle trails in three reserves! Is on the Gulf to revisit canal to the area this September and rode north until Inverness area to another. Around Florida. `` + our tandem nature at its best pleasant contrasr the... It hosts a steady stream of visitors and locals on its paved path and adjacent equestrian trail parallels of. A kid I dreamed of flat bike roads resources along withlacoochee state trail closed Withlacoochee we! South Florida to ride in September 2017 to anything motorized when we pulled into the Shamrock Inn,! Miss eating at southern Harmony Cafe s hard not to express the feelings... Relieve stress country Kitchen for a destination weekend a month ago Florida and is for. And campground closures, park programs/events and facial coverings or masks are required inside buildings for and.