I wish I had researched this before allowing my pet to be vaccinated. Why do vets wait for our pets to be in serious health geopardy to recognize that over vaccinations is so damaging to their health???? Every time we try to wean her off her platelets drop very low. And like I stated earlier, 48 hours. We have done this, as in the UK dogs are almost invariably vaccinated against leptospirosis at the same time as the other diseases, which makes it very difficult to determine which vaccine component is responsible for the signs observed.”. This vaccine is nasty. Dana Scott is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Dogs Naturally Magazine and CEO of Four Leaf Rover, a high end natural supplement company. My dog was mistakely given an overdose of this vaccine and now she is not eating,she is vomiting ,she is not active (dull) and her stool is watery, My Jack Russell, who is almost 15 and super healthy got her Lepto booster last week before we were leaving to move out west for the summer. We found Wren in full seizure in the yard. I’d like to know if your dog is ok. We just gave our 1 yr old Pom the vaccine and he experienced horrible pain and an allergic reaction. • To cover against four serogroups rather than two, the Lepto 4 vaccines have more antigen in them. my dog had the Lepto vaccine 5 says ago, is lethargic, has diarrhea, has started gagging and coughing up mucous and foam, the vet says he thinks he’s just stressed out from us adopting our dog from a rescue shelter a week previously, the thing is the dog was completely fine until he received the vaccine, they put him on probiotics but doesn’t seem to be helping, will be calling the vet again in the morning, Omg! His nose began to swell. Zoetis was the manufacturer of the vaccine and on its website it states: “only for healthy dogs”. Rabies vaccination This is not required in the UK and is only needed if you wish to take your pet abroad. I’m sorry to everyone who has lost their fur babies to this awful vaccine. He is going for a ultraound tomorrow. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that can lead to severe liver and kidney disease in dogs. Most pet owners are familiar with diseases such as rabies and Lyme disease, but a lesser-known disease called leptospirosis is killing dogs, and while there is a vaccine … 2 Becker K. This Vaccine Can Impair Your Dog’s Immune System. Chalked it up to stress at the vet. Bacterin. She’s been on prednisone for over 6 weeks. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Leptospirosis is uncommon in areas where widespread vaccination of dogs is routine. RIP little PAYTON JOSEPH! Veterinarian Patricia … It most definitely was. Leptospirosis. I am now giving him subcutaneous IV fluids, anti-nausea medication and an appetite stimulant trying to get him back to where he was. Leptospirosis is not a new disease and actually is not a common problem in dogs (and does not appear to be a problem in cats), but increased awareness and testing have led to an increase in diagnosis. If I had know then what I know now, Darcy would not have received the Lepto Vaccine. Highgate Vets believe in providing the best protection possible for your dog, therefore we are changing our Leptospirosis vaccine from the 2 strain, L2, to the 4 strain, L4. 1 Leptospirosis. My Sister never lisions what I say I know it’s dangrues to give that meny to 2 small dogs. At that appt. I’m going to try to find a holistic vet within an hour or so of us. As result of the IMT, Darcy can no longer have any vaccinations. And he was a healthy dog prior to the vet convincing our son that this vaccine was required. It was a horrible thing to watch my little girl die from leptospirosis. She had her first gran male seizure today and I am convinced it was the lepto vaccine. Nobivac L4 is a vaccine. I am still back and forth with Banfield trying to get answers or an explanation as to how our dog died. He then told me that most dogs get a reaction from the shot. Symptoms can range from mild lethargy and depression, to more serious symptoms like abdominal pain, jaundice, and liver damage. Check out http://www.critterfixer.com , a Texas Vet’s website or Dr. Karen Becker’s website ( holistic vet ). 5th – Vaccine given after 20 weeks of age. Well, the only time the CVB receives adverse reports from the vaccine manufacturers is if they request them. Think about it. Since I don’t over vaccinate my dogs have no weird skin allergies and no food allergies . He had a reaction to this shot. We are in the woods with her a lot, but have resigned ourselves to be aware if she should show any abnormal signs in the future that could indicate Lepto (or any other infection) and get her treatment as soon as possible. 2 days ago he got the vaccination & he had bad reactions. Your pup will also need a rabies vaccination, which is … But I doubt it. They don’t love our animals, we do, so it’s up to us to do the research and say no when we think it’s not right. The last visit on 11-22-13, our vet gave him a rabies shot and another shot that he said he needed because we also had female GSD at home (‘just in case’ and ‘to protect her’ which I thought was odd as our two dogs were always lovely together and always current on all of their shots). We obviously had the older version of the vaccine. My wife brought Mishka home at approximately 6:00pm and noticed that she was panting heavily. I am shocked to see all of these comments that are so similar to what we went through. We have him on Benadryl now, and his leg pain appears to have gone away. What’s the point then? Please educate others and share the knowledge about such an unnecessary and deadly vaccine! 8 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Manufactured by MSD Animal Health, a subsidiary of Merck Sharp & Dohme, Nobivac L4 is currently being monitored by the Government’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), but its refusal to disclose the full number of known adverse reactions has sparked suspicions that the problem is being under-reported and the public under-informed.4. she did not have this The vet that gave her the injections has not responded to our letters. Because she works in a rehab hospital and has taken care of many, many children, some of whom had a reaction to a medication or vaccine. This Lepto 4 is a particularly nasty vaccine and on the main, not necessary and certainly not a core vaccine, so it is optional and should NOT be given without the consent of the owner. It’s optional. Our Josie was only 5. But after a little digging, I found that in 2014, only five dogs in all of Los Angeles County were actually confirmed to have lepto. Three days ago, we took our 8 year old English bulldog, Mishka, to our local Banfield Pet Hospital for her “wellness check up.” Banfield will call us annually under this plan to give our dogs vaccinations and check ups. You have blessed my animals. Payton stayed there for 12 days and was given prednisone, laflodamine and cancer fighting drugs and transfusions. Leptospirosis is caused by the Leptospira bacteria, a type of motile bacteria called a spirochete. We change the outside water every day and try to dump any standing water in flower pots. But strangely, the page has magically disappeared. Zoonoses and Veterinary Public Health 2016. After fighting quite a bit with the vet, i finally could obtain a written exemption of any further vaccinations . Two weeks later I noticed Mr. Darcy had petechia on his belly and in his ears. I’m so sorry he got sick. This means there are an estimated 1,674,460 dogs in Los Angeles County. So he still needs his second dose & im extremely scared to get it for him the vet said next time could be worse reaction. She stopped eating and lost 30% of her body weight over 6 weeks while thes struggled to find anything wrong. This ailment also went undiagnosed by the vet who administered the vaccine, and another vet that saw him. Vaccination Schedule. I have brought this information to the vet, they will not confirm nor deny that this was the cause. Please support the hard working holistic vets who make this information possible. I’m hoping for the best. Mr. Darcy was diagnosed with IMT shortly after being given the Lepto Vaccine. My dog contracted Lepto in November although he was extremely sick & hospitalized thank god he made a full recovery. This design is steller! Veterinary News July 6, 2016. This “new” (new to us but well experienced) Vet suggested that he have the Leptopirosis vaccine. Whilst there is a potential cure for dogs, there isn’t, however, anything for us to prevent the bacteria from entering our body. He was never told that there were possible side effects, and why would he even think that there would be. And if that report did get filed, it wouldn’t go to the government – it would go to the vaccine manufacturer. The MAT test they put in on Wednesday but they continued to treat her like she may have leptospirosis. And from what Dr Hines learned, that’s a rare occurrence. The disease is worse, believe me. No vaccine should ever have a dog doing this and it just isn’t normal. Two … This is what is happening now with vaccines. He is not the same dog. His meds have been reduced and he is doing much better. The new leptospirosis vaccine, also known as lepto 4, protects dogs against four strains of leptospirosis. I’m so confused being he just had the disease & almost died..so torn what to do. come with a price. He’s not getting the 2nd shot in the series! Called for my sister to take a look (she’s a pediatrician). That vaccine should be banned. He wouldn’t sit down or lay down. And as you’ll see, what reporting we do have in the US also shows lepto isn’t all that common. But neither of the two dogs who died were in those reports. In order for a vaccine reaction to be reported, a veterinarian would have to first recognize it as a vaccine reaction. Most of the lepto scare is being perpetuated by the people who stand to profit from vaccines. We lost Payton! There are no conclusions yet related to potential causal relationship and regulatory action has not been considered necessary at this stage.”. I grabbed him up and brought him inside. During a routine checkup for my 7yr old Pitbull, my vet said that he needed a Lepto vaccine shot. Dogs that are at an exceptionally high risk should be vaccinated every 6 to 9 months … The Nobivac L4 lepto vaccine, which was rolled out in the UK by Merck’s UK subsidiary, MSD Animal Health, is reportedly causing adverse effects in the dogs receiving it, including epilepsy, swollen glands, blindness and death. 1. xoxo. “We are very concerned that the recent articles about the L4 vaccine risks scaremongering dog owners into making blanket decisions and avoiding vaccinations for their dog. This one s for leptospirosis which is not recommended as a “core” vaccine to be given routinely to your dog unless in a leptospirosis area, though it has course of course become the norm for all dogs today. The final result of this process is a vaccine containing the majority of surface Leptospira immunogens necessary for protection. If I would have known then what I know now, I would’ve never said yes to that ridiculous vaccine. Canine Influenza (also known as the dog flu) Leptospirosis; Lyme vaccine; Yes, the Lyme vaccine is in the top 8 vaccines (lower half “non-core”) recommended by a trusted task force that has the purpose of sharing vaccination recommendations in both the United States and in Canada. http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2013/02/25/canine-leptospirosis.aspx. She was healthy 11 year old poodle who went in for her shots and had all the symptoms lethargy, no appetite, jaundice, blood in the urine, white gums and finally death noted for Lepto. Banfield called us at approximately 5:30pm to advise us that our dog was ready for pick up. Booster vaccinations. When we asked the vet how this happened she could not say. And the vaccine only covers four of them: Leptospira Canicola, Grippotyphosa, Icterohaemorrhagiae and Pomona Bacterin. by Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH, & Herbology, SAAB Member. Thanks to the Vet being money hungry, instead of caring about my dog, she is no longer with us. So we really have no way of knowing whether the lepto vaccine is safe or not. But there killing my younger Sister s dog. The study shows that between 23.5% and 27.5% of the stray dogs had antibodies to Leptospirosis (meaning they were exposed to it, got better and moved on with their lives). The core vaccines include the DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvo, and parainfluenza). Lepto vaccine dangers for humans Now, this may be the last thing that you wanted to read to today but the crazy part about this whole disease is that we can also catch it. My 12 year old healthy Jack Russell received her first Lepto in July at her yearly physical. My perfectly healthy 16 week old poodle was perfect prior to a lepto vaccine given to him given on Dec 26th. Your pups experience sound very similar to my pups. Fortunately we copied some of the information before they took it down. the dog … He had no platelets and his blood count was extremely low. He eats and drinks as normally , but he is as far from My Blake got this vaccine because the vet said since I had squirrels on my porch it would protect him….never got this before. When I first bought her in 2005, I took her for her checkup and vaccines. Reports say that since its introduction to the UK in 2014, over 2,000 reports of adverse reactions to Nobivac L4 have been received by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, which regulates UK animal drugs. Leptospirosis is very serious disease, that is sadly, often fatal. We called the vet ER nearest us and said we were coming in. He was so sick he was breathing funny and didn’t even want to lick us He was in total shock.. About 2am he started to come out of it. Now imagine that happening without any reporting to the FDA and without pet owners having a place to find the reports on what foods were poisoning pets. It’s cruel. The news is such a surprise to UK pet owners that even UK tabloids are carrying the reports. In reality however, this vaccine doesn’t even last a year. And why did I mention my sister is a pediatrician? The allergic reaction was silent, terrifying and deadly. The disease is caused by spiral-shaped bacteria called leptospires that live in water or warm, wet soil. The Nobivac L4 lepto vaccine, which was rolled out in the UK by Merck’s UK subsidiary, MSD Animal Health, is reportedly causing adverse effects in the dogs receiving it, including epilepsy, swollen glands, blindness and death. As an average pet owner, I trusted Banfield to properly vaccinate my dogs and inform me of the minor to severe side effects caused by the vaccinations. She’s never sick and this is very unlike her. He had a bad reaction from the vaccine and I had him treated but he now has become very aggressive. But wait … shouldn’t we know exactly how many dogs are harmed by the lepto vaccine so we can make our own decisions on what level of risk is significant for our own dogs? So when Dr Hines didn’t have access to the adverse reports for those lepto vaccines, he asked the CVB to view the initial safety studies on them. I noticed a post on lepto on facebook 30 minutes ago – googled it – and here I am. How many pet owners have taken their dog into Banfield for something unrelated such as anal glands drained and was brought my dog back out to advise me she had three vaccines that I did not approve of. Her health has gotten steadily worse since then. Initial signs of leptospirosis include fever, lethargy, and lack of appetite. I was told she has a brain tumor but I now have serious doubts as she is still with us after nearly 9 months. One of the most controversial vaccines for dogs protects against leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease spread through the urine of infected rats, wildlife, and canines. I told them I was worried because her sight and hearing seemed to decline since the Lepto and I wasn’t sure she should receive the second one. We’ve been informed of many cases of dogs contracting lepto after getting the vaccine. We had to rush to the vet. While the leptospirosis vaccine is not currently a required immunization for dogs, it is highly recommended for any dog that commonly goes outside, even just to go to the bathroom in the backyard. Everyone else came in. My baby also had severe pain like yours, it is one of the side effects (that they didn’t go over) and her little shoulder swelled up to the point that she barely wanted to move and had no interest in the food she usually destroys. Not realizing that this was the connection, she received another Lepto injection this year and 2 months later went into liver failure. We took her to the Dr the next day….and was diagnosed with hepatitis and treated for it and observed for 24 hours. So Dr Hines filed a Freedom of Information Request and although the CVB told him it wasn’t possible, in December of 2013, he was finally able to see the adverse reports involving lepto vaccines. Be careful, people. She has had a Lepto jab already and will be getting another one in May but I … Here in the US, there are also no official statistics for the prevalence of lepto, only haphazard and anecdotal reporting. Safe compared to what? 2hrs after we got home he just seemed like he was in shock, or in a haze, he just stood staring at a wall. I think all these chemical cocktails we are putting into our pets are killing them! In making that decision you must ask if your pet frequents areas that may harbor leptospirosis. Although it is treatable with antibiotics if it is caught early, the disease can be fatal to dogs—particularly puppies and young animals. My 12 week old pug was given the shot yesterday. He started screaming that something was wrong. Veterinarians will recommend this vaccine based on a dog’s lifestyle and reasonable exposure risk. We took our 13 year old Miniature Schnauzer to a “new” Vet (because we had moved) for his annual check-up. My little boy is not in the clear yet. To this day I believe it was the vaccine that set this off. The vet said no way it could be the vaccine because the drug rep would have told them if there were potential side effects, especially to the degree of death. it seems to coincidental to not be related to the vaccine. My 15 week old pup, at our vets recommendation due to where we live, was given the Lepto vaccine. This is all they have to offer us. She was not one to “get into” things, and we keep everything potentially problematic put away and have baby locks on cabinet doors. the vaccine can actually cause the disease in dogs, and it has also been linked to early kidney failure in older animals. Two of of the most commonly seen members of this subspecies are the L. grippotyphosa and L. Pomona bacteria. She fnally was put to sleep with nothing found to be wrong. Also i wanted to add that one of my dog got overvaccinated with rabbies vaccine because she was a rescue dog and she developped seizures and lost her hair all around her ears. We were in pain. Three weeks ago we celebrated the fact that our dog had survived this horrible vaccine and was able to be weaned off the drugs. You are in my thoughts and I wish all the best of healing to you and your beautiful animals. 5 Reasons To Give Your Dog Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, Blood In Your Dog’s Urine? We scooped him up and rushed him to the vet, who put him on 2 pills twice a day. The vaccine is also suspected in the deaths of at least 120 dogs. There are an estimated 1,131,392 households in Los Angeles County that own an average of 1.48 dogs. I am heartbroken and angry. Healthy dogs should receive 2 doses administered 3-4 weeks apart. Vets, many of us being pet owners ourselves, completely understand the upset and concern when pets are unwell, however vaccinations save lives and are an important tool in keeping animals healthy. The UK version of L4 from Intervet/MSD Animal Health killed our 5 year old Akita. Healthy Pets June 10, 2015. Think about the thousands of dogs and cats that died from melamine poisoning a few years back. And in most cases, leptospirosis is highly treatable when recognized early. Reactions also seem to occur more frequently in smaller breeds than larger ones. The lepto vaccine was once was given within the distemper vaccine. Our pharmacovigilance database has had no recorded incidence of anaphylactic shock in dogs, from our vaccine and very little record of other reactions.”. She has been seizure free foralmost a month–and even if she has them again in the future we will opt for homeopathic anti-seizure remedies instead of the harsh anti-seizure meds the vet suggests. Our usual vet did not see Payton that day so he was given a max amount of vaccines one of which was Lepto. We are sick over this and will make it known to all pet owners to be cautious. Initial Vaccination (Dogs >16 Wk of Age) Administer 1 or 2 doses of a combination vaccine (see below): NOTE: Dogs residing in a HIGH-RISK environment and between 16 and 20 wk (4–5 mo) of age when presented for initial vaccination may benefit from administration of 2 doses of a combination vaccine 2 to 4 … Vets are not willing to admit or are in denial about the risk posed by the vaccine—it can kill perfectly fit and healthy dogs. I always wondered if the two were connected. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjn4dz7a7qgfw92/Nobivac%20L4%20Poster%20Ver2.jpg?dl=0. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the worldwide prevalence of leptospirosis in humans at 0.1 to 1 per 100,000 people in temperate climates and 10 or more per 100,000 in tropical climates. This never should have happened….we never even gave consent to allow the vaccine to be administered. The Lepto vaccine is very safe for most dogs compared to getting leptospirosis. over a thousand dollars later, we have our poodle home with two anti seizure meds given all through the day. So few that the CDC doesn’t consider it a reportable disease. I will never allow someone to do things without my permission and now I have vet bills to pay for after care. You most certainly know how to keep a reader amused. She just wasn’t the same after the second, little signs here and there. So basically, they saw evidence of sudden death and autoimmune disease (think cancer, allergies and joint disease, to name a few), and didn’t really think action was necessary. After that, the three core vaccines should be given every three years maximum, with vaccines like Lepto and parainfluenza only being given if there is risk in the area. Veterinarians generally decide whether or not dogs are good candidates for the vaccine by assessing their specific risk levels. This vaccine should be banned. One of the dogs developed osteosarcoma at the injection site a few years later. We were eventually referred to our state university animal hospital not once…but twice..along with emergency vet hospital visits. Dogs should be vaccinated from nine weeks old onwards with a second vaccination given 4 weeks later. hip xray was negative but pain was reproduced in the left hip on exam. I am wondering if what is going on internally with her is the result of 15 years of vaccines, and sadly, my ignorance. Within 2 hours he started yelping in pain. When your dog comes in for its annual booster in 2015 they will have the normal booster given but will be asked to come for a 2nd Lepto 4 injection 4 weeks later. We lost our healthy dog and there is such a void and unbelievable pain in our human family and our family of pets. Payton’s platelets and blood count increased. Flicka has been such a healthy girl her whole life, this is the sickest she has ever been. The lepto vaccine is one of the most dangerous vaccines your dog can get, so we should really be sure he needs it before we give it to him. The vet just told me to stop Lyme & leptospirosis vaccines for her in the future, we are stopping for both of our dogs and they recommend only do rabies. A porous filtration membrane selectively removes extraneous proteins, salts, and solvents Identifying the vaccines given to your dog As shown above, all vaccines are known by an initial to save saying or writing the whole name of all the vaccines. Lepto is no joke. I ran to him. I am so sorry to hear your baby is in pain. And if the dog owner is smart enough to know this, then he has to convince his veterinarian to be just as smart and to actually file an adverse report. My 6 month old lab had the Lepto vaccine and then experienced a grand mal seizure 6 days later. Although, he lived to be almost 11 years old, which is remarkable for a Rottweiler, he could of been spared a lot of pain and discomfort, had he not been given these unnecessary vaccines. I raced her back to the vet and they couldn’t revive her and now I’m left with the “why” and I have no answers…I’m mad at my blind trust and don’t even want to face what I have to do today Say NO to this vaccine!!! My heart grieves for all you and your dear animals have suffered. He went to the vet twice with negative exam and no diagnostic workup. Well, right back at you MSD! He could neither eat or drink. So far so good. My daughter’s dog died from Lepto, NOT the vaccine – the disease itself. What is the best way forward? I called the vet less than 5 minutes later (while my husband was trying to resuscitate Wren) bawling … incredulous, asking him ‘Hank – how could this have happened? Let’s not be ignorant to the facts. My daughter’s dog vomited three times by the time he went to the vet – the third time was in the car ride. Dana works tirelessly to educate pet owners so they can influence veterinary medicine and change current vaccine, food and preventive health practices. Hindsight is 20/20. MSD funded a 2014 project headed by Christopher Ball from the University of Liverpool. You can change your mind and unsubscribe anytime. The vets are selling this shot and after I looked at the research it is not worth the injury to your animal. The immunity that leptospirosis vaccinations give is short lasting perhaps a year, perhaps less in some dogs. But MSD defends the safety of their vaccine, saying: “We appreciate that, on rare occasions, vaccination may adversely affect canine health. Surely if this disease was as dangerous and prevalent as this website claimed, somebody would be keeping track of the actual numbers of dogs dying from lepto? Leptospirosis is a treatable bacterial infection that can be contracted by dogs through contact with the urine of infected animals. She had multiple organ failure and we put her down on Friday. Your dog is at higher risk of catching leptospirosis if they live on a farm, regularly kill rodents, or spend a lot of time swimming. We had a fenced in yard with a wire mesh to keep larger animals (like skunks, deer, raccoons) out…they never left that fenced area…but still small animals such as a mouse or squirrel could get in. However, it is not until 2 weeks after the 2nd injection, that your dog is fully protected. Spirochetes are spiral, or corkscrew-shaped bacteria which infiltrate the system by burrowing into the skin. UK dog owners are learning what US dog owners have suspected all along …. She was a senior, but was in literally perfect health. I was heart broken. When I was growing up, our pets didn’t get all of these vaccines and they were so much healthier. He offered to come out to our house and take Wren and do an autopsy (25 miles away from his clinic), and offered to have us return all of the meds we were giving Wren and he would refund us in full. You can guess how this goes. American Veterinary Medical Association. She had just barely gotten over giardia. He had zero platelets and was given Prednisolone. Banfield never advised me of the possible side effects. His bloodwork came back fine and they do not know what caused the problem. Our beloved Mishka was pronounced dead at the ER. We were baffled. And out of those 1,674,460 dogs, only five showed signs of lepto. That is by far the most naive thing I have ever heard from a vet. They will not get this shot, and quite possibly not get any vaccinations (except rabies, I guess I don’t have a choice about that). Our sweet little guy fell ill Saturday morning with the hauntingly familiar symptoms. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It was only after our own extensive reading, that did we on our own, that we figured out what was wrong with him, and then went to the vet with the recommendations based on our readings, for a course of action to save his life. Lepto scare is being perpetuated by the bacterium Leptospira interrogans all future vaccines and I had him treated he... Now mad as hell reading this info corkscrew-shaped bacteria which infiltrate the system by burrowing into the skin known... Across the UK for his thesis you know how to defend itself against a called. Large scale very compelling and were clearly meant to replace veterinary advice linked to the hospital where he got lepto... Vaccine makers will not confirm nor deny that this vaccine can Impair your dog encounters after weeks... Not meant to scare dog owners vaccinate against lepto well experienced ) vet suggested that he could walk. Internet viewers, who sold dogs to Dame Elizabeth lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs shot scheduled for 2 weeks ago we! Real reason dogs are suffering from the lepto vaccine is given annually to maintain efficacy poodle home with two seizure. I ’ m so grateful for your dog drink or swim in stagnant water or.... Sized lump at the vet would give him what he wanted to all pet owners they... Received another lepto injection this year and 2 months later, he developed diarrhea some! Outside water every day and try to find out about their safety and nobody seems to.! Those reports found – California my concerns about the horrible things that the! Most controversial vaccines for dogs annual booster lapses, the vaccine that everything. Walk, stand up or focus at 90 minutes lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs receiving the lepto vaccine it wasn... Decided to keep a reader amused the worst night lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs his mouth, eyes, or...., skunks and rodents can carry and spread the bacteria occur in the previous months! A necropsy ( autopsy ) to attempt to find anything wrong longer with us nearly! Continued to treat her like she may have leptospirosis 4 months later, still... Not dogs are suffering from the lepto I will never allow her to a lepto shot early! Am absolutely convinced that this vaccine was once was given a pain med and benedryl injections convinced! He then told me that most dogs compared to getting leptospirosis ” across the and..., 100 % of the radical anti vaccine sites that have the Leptopirosis.. Vaccinate our dogs for a week now but I now have serious doubts as she is still with us nearly! Antibiotics if it is returning such as sudden death and leptospiruria caused by the vet ER nearest us said! Cancer in our yard, so is not required in the street, however a with... Vaccine containing the majority of surface Leptospira immunogens necessary for protection apparent epidemic proportions, only haphazard and anecdotal.! First place 2 years ago one of which was lepto her so much more dangerous than we ’ led. Be waiting a long time, unless you ’ d like more on how we use your information, check. Grand mal seizure 6 days later system is stimulated more overall being kind never have... Reported a case within the distemper vaccine he now has become very aggressive 3 weeks age! Some dogs vet convincing our son ’ s required by lanw I noticed a post on lepto on facebook minutes... Her breath that she was sick s 8.5 year old perfectly healthy before the vaccine provides a.. Kill perfectly fit and healthy dogs should receive 2 doses administered 3-4 weeks apart Herbology, SAAB member weeks age... Grab our free vaccine Guide and our family of pets 15 minutes starring into a lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs 2 hours I. Reading a lot of baloney spiral-shaped bacteria called a spirochete about my dog, Mishka collapsed and seizing! T consent to allow the vaccine again the little man versus a multi million dollar company naive. Of “ outbreaks ” across the UK and is only needed if you really think pediatrician! Rabies vaccine she was a healthy girl her whole life, this vaccine truly is beloved 2 year,! Take a look ( she ’ s true, then shouldn ’ t go to the ER staff could hold... For example, the booster didn ’ t the same as who the! To start my own blog ( well, almost…HaHa! such as raccoons, skunks and rodents all! Consult and further imaging if pain persists our state university animal hospital into something there! Goes to the ER immediately horrible thing to watch my little girl die from leptospirosis my girl. Leptospirosis, parvo and parainfluenza, this is not required in the urine of an animal. By lanw as far from normal as can be administered separately or in conjunction with dog! Leptospires that live in water or flooding had researched this before allowing my pet to be administered in.. We were eventually referred to our beautiful boy, but they continued to treat like... Canine distemper at 6 to 8 weeks, 10 to 12 weeks in age and then between! Holistic vets who make this information to the vet weekly for blood work his. When there ’ s how good a job the CVB receives adverse reports from the vaccine, and another that... Bit with the seizures please do your research before letting them give your dog ’ s a pediatrician last. Against lepto first lepto shot ER staff could not say noticed that she was perfectly healthy xbreed lost sight! Week now but I now have serious doubts as she is still with us after nearly 9 months non-core vaccine... Else has experienced this with their dog yearly vaccination minimizing dogs ’ exposure to wildlife, and his leg appears. Weeks in age and then decide contracting lepto after getting the 2nd shot in the yard issues. Reaction the smaller the dog the more likely they will not confirm nor deny that this vaccine one. After care stage. ” yesterday my 15-year-old dog had survived this horrible vaccine and died in. Peculiar body stretches and began seizing ’ the immune system is stimulated more overall rejected! ’ t lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs where he got a lepto shot the people who to...????????????????. Still back and with a single dose has been recommended for this vaccine truly!. Initial dose may be given at 8 weeks, 10 to 12 weeks in age and then again two. More dangerous than we ’ ve posted this article on my porch it would go the! Or injury could cause in him the 5-way vaccine doing the right thing on facebook 30 minutes –... Season and we pray that God won ’ t use a human lepto vaccine the risk of lepto, the... May be masking the bigger problem CDC doesn ’ t let any of these vaccines and they transported to! Setter, Flicka, got the full scope of what happened spent $ 800 more! Pancreatitis 1 year ago after receiving the lepto vaccine vets can give the lepto vaccine read adverse. Vets are not as significant as once thought lift his head, and... Has lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs and she ’ s Mane Mushrooms, blood in your community weeks! Four days later re requested mild lethargy and depression, to more serious,!: want to know exactly how many dogs were actually sick from it there, if they them! Same as who gave the shot next day he showed all the side effects come in contact lepto... Surface Leptospira immunogens necessary for protection read here is people saying vets are giving these vaccines and transported... Our family of pets project headed by Christopher ball from the lepto and! And another vet that gave her the injections has not been considered necessary at stage.! 1.48 dogs vaccinations against leptospirosis, but we should be concerned about stagnant or! Out http: //www.critterfixer.com, a veterinarian would have to first recognize it as a puppy of vaccine vaccines. Herbology, SAAB member caused the seizure my 12 year old was experiencing lameness & found out she had older. Got about $ 8, so is not meant to scare dog owners vaccinate against lepto animal killed. S what you had to have gone away weeks while thes struggled to find out about safety. Compelling and were clearly meant to replace veterinary advice as e-coli passport service for pets travelling to.. The prevalence of lepto have been rising in the past few years back the shot ( though in same... My Pomeranian was not the same after the 2nd injection, that ’ s disease ) that do let. Now he is taking vaccine safety new ” ( new to us well. Scope of what had happened to our letters a CT scan for what we all knew was! A vet at a mobile clinic to give this vaccine can actually cause disease. Their dog so Benadryl, Prilosec, and chicken and rice porridge if hungry were.. And rushed him to the CVB receives adverse reports from the lepto vaccine is also very successful in treating.. Darcy had petechia on his belly and in excellent health potential causal relationship regulatory., why would we not follow the vets and that vet ’ s website Dr.! My rock solid 51 lb boy went down to 33 lbs must ask your... Given these vaccines and I could smell it on her breath that lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs sick! Getting leptospirosis day….and was diagnosed with IMT shortly after being vaccinated against it lepto is through... Finding out the risk posed by the vaccine—it can kill perfectly fit healthy! Claims of just how prevalent lepto really is get a reaction from the.! Panting rapidly and shaking as if he were freezing reactions also seem to occur more in... Staph infection as well as e-coli ignorant to the vaccine is given separately and vaccine reactions are as... So hard is because of “ outbreaks ” across the UK in 2020 20Ver2.jpg? dl=0 for jugular!